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It's time to move to OrCAD

If flexibility, efficiency, and scalability are your major concerns, OrCAD® is the clear choice. Let’s take a closer look at why you should choose OrCAD.

Why OrCAD is your clear choice

Powerful constraint driven PCB design

  •   Front-to-back constraint driven flow: A consistent constraint-management system for creation, management, and validation of constraints from front to back.
  •   Powerful constraint manager: A PCB editor-integrated constraint management system with broader and deeper constraints helps boards achieve first-pass success every time
  •   Tight integration: OrCAD platform provides a unified design and analysis flow to ensure first-time design success, beginning with library management and continuing through design entry, electrical constraint management, and powerful auto-interactive floorplanning and routing.

Advanced technologies to improve design efficiency

  •   High-speed constraint driven routing:  Advanced features including Relative Propagation Delay, Static Phase Control, Delay Tune and many more will help you design high-speed nets
  •   Interactive routing:  Scribble routing allows you to "draw" a route path for the trace to automatically follow, providing a quick two-pick methodology to generate complex route paths
  •   Autorouter:  SPECCTRA® for OrCAD solves the challenges of complex interconnect routing with powerful, automated technology, this robust, production-proven autorouter achieves faster, more efficient routing

Best- in-class PSpice mixed-signal simulation and analysis:

  •   Integrated flow:  With the OrCAD PCB solution, simulation isn't a time-consuming extra step, it’s an efficient and integrated part of the process
  •   Analysis-driven design: :  Designers using OrCAD increase the quality and success of their products by using built-in analog and digital analysis to drive design decisions within the PCB environment
  •   Unparalleled accuracy:  OrCAD PSpice simulation and analysis technologies set the standard for the industry—when it needs to be right the first time, designers choose Cadence

Would like to Try OrCAD now?

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